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Match Number One:  Finn Balor versus Baron Corbin

They lock up and Corbin backs Balor into the turnbuckles.  Corbin pushes Balor on the break and Balor with a forearm.  Corbin throws Balor to the floor and Balor returns to the ring and connects with forearms.  Corbin sends Balor to the floor again.  Balor with forearms and a side head lock.  Corbin with forearms and a back elbow to send Balor to the mat.  Balor is put on the turnbuckles and Corbin with a forearm.  Balor with forearms and a missile drop kick to send Corbin to the floor.  Balor goes to the floor and hits a running forearm.  Corbin sends Balor back into the ring and then Balor kicks and punches Corbin.

Corbin sends Balor into the turnbuckles and then he does it again.  Balor goes to the apron when Corbin charges into the corner.  Balor with a forearm and he tries to send Corbin into the turnbuckles.  Corbin clotheslines Balor off the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with a hard Irish whip and then Corbin with a half nelson and chin lock.    Balor gets to his feet and he punches Corbin but Corbin sends Balor into the corner.  Corbin does the turn around the ring post and hits a clothesline.  Corbin with a rear chin lock and he connects with a knee when Balor tries to escape.  Balor with a drop kick that sends Corbin to the floor.  Corbin punches Balor and pulls him to the floor and connects with a back drop driver onto the apron.  Balor lands on his feet on a power bomb attempt and Balor with a take down and double stomp.

Balor chops Corbin as he goes around the ring.  Corbin with an Irish whip but Balor floats over.  Balor runs into boots from Corbin but Balor with an enzuigiri to send Corbin to the floor.  Balor with a plancha onto Corbin as we go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin returns to the half nelson and chin lock.  Corbin grabs Balor by the throat but Balor with a rollup for a near fall.  Balor with Slingblade and then Balor charges at Corbin and Corbin hits a choke breaker for a near fall.  Balor with a DDT and he goes to the apron and hits an enzuigiri.  Balor goes up top for the Coup de Grace but Corbin rolls away.  Balor lands on his feet and Corbin hits Deep Six but Balor kicks out.

Corbin with a splash into the corner and he hits a second one.  Corbin sets for a third but Balor moves and Corbin goes around the post but Balor knows what is coming and he hits a baseball slide.  Balor with a running drop kick that sends Corbin into the ringside barrier.  Balor with a drop kick that sends Corbin into the turnbuckles and Balor goes up top for Coup de Grace and misses it when Corbin moves.  Corbin with End of Days for the three count.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

After the match, the Constable is not finished Constabling.  Balor fights back but Corbin sends Balor to the floor and then he puts Balor’s head against the ringside barrier and Corbin with punches.

Baron Corbin walks in the back and Kevin Owens congratulates Baron for wiping the smile off Finn Balor’s face.  Kevin says that Baron is now his son’s favorite wrestler.  He wears a vest around the house.  Baron says he is here to inspire.

Kevin says this Brock situation is concerning to him.  He says Kurt is worried about Stephanie’s authority.  Kevin says that Braun could cash in his briefcase if Brock goes to the ring and it would keep him from getting his shot at the briefcase.  Baron says that it is Kurt’s problem and the briefcase is Braun’s until Kevin gets his chance at SummerSlam.

Baron Corbin gives Kurt a phone and it is Stephanie.  Kurt says that the people would be disappointed but Stephanie does not care.  They need to protect the main event and Kurt tells Stephanie to enjoy the rest of the show.

Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin enter Roman’s dressing room and Kurt tells Roman that Stephanie McMahon told Kurt to have Roman removed from the building.

Roman does not care but Kurt says Roman will lose his title match if he does not comply.  Roman wants to know when will this stop?  He says he understands the pressures on Kurt but Kurt has been in his shoes.  Roman says he knows how everyone is putting pressure on Kurt.  Roman says he is not a yes man.

Baron calls for some officers to remove Roman from the building.

Roman leaves the room and gives Kurt a disapproving frown.  He sees Baron laugh at him so Roman punches Baron.

We are back and Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with Baron Corbin.

Brock asks Kurt if he has a problem with him.  He asks Corbin if he has a problem with him.  Brock gives Kurt an F-5.

Corbin leaves the ring before Brock does anything to him.



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